domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

Imágenes ChibiBird..!!

i love chibi bird!!!
me encantan estas imagenes...=)
son tan cute...mega kawaii XD
les comparto mis favoritas
Little, punny bees want you to be happy. ^u^ I’ll admit while this isn’t the most creative, it’s cute and cheery and will hopefully illicit some sort of positive reaction. :D

Happy year of the dragon everyone! ^__^ <3 If you like Pokemon, this is supposed to be clever.

“Lol” and “haha” have regrettably just become filler words for me. :>

Make good energy, not negative energy.

During the rare times I do work out, I lie down to do ab exercises, and then I don’t want to get back up and do strength training. @^@ ;;

Please? I just want to lie down with a fluffy blanket and dream away my troubles.

I’m sure the year is going to bombard me with obstacles trying to prevent me from being happy, but I am going to do my best to hang on and enjoy life anyways. c:

Do not over-analyze this picture: laughter is totally good for you all the time, and I am in no way trying to give you medical advice. It’s just some light-hearted humor. c; 

You didn’t see anything. >__>

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