domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

Kawaii ChibiBird XD

Tiny, cute pictures are like little puffs of happiness. c:
It never ends!

My winter break has officially started! And I’m going to get up ridiculously early tomorrow to visit family. (X Happy holidays you all! Hope to draw over break, but my computer access might be limited~
My parents are at a dinner and my sister hasn’t come home for two weeks, so I certainly do feel lonely tonight.

A good way to conduct your life.
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Not quite sure what I was thinking when I was making this, but I hope you find a smile in it nonetheless~

I’ve got some sleep deprivation going on due to school, but hopefully I’ll get to bed earlier this week. ^u^
jajaja XD

No, it’s not that awkward, but it is interesting to think about. My sweet sixteen today on the sixth of december~ I appreciate all the love you guys. <3

Very busy this weekend, so I might not update again tomorrow (I’ll be having an exciting day at a tournament my school is hosting)! Please hang on until I have more time~

I wish everything could have a place to call home. >:

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