martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

ChibiBird!!! ;)

This is my basic approach to drawing anything, digitally or traditionally. Sketch, line, and color. ^^ 
espero que les guste estas lindas imagenes :) disfrutenlas
Prancing through crunchy oak leaves while walking home from school. c; 
Had a nice, lazy day with my family. Happy thanksgiving everyone~ I’m thankful that you all follow me, even when I don’t draw well and don’t update.
Major rope burn. I thought the lack of mouths made the two look nondescript and more innocent.

I would sleep in some more, if my essay wasn’t looming over my head like an unwanted shadow. >:

My sister has a Woody cup, and I have a Buzz one. 8D

Doodle jump is such a cute game, and making this was so fun~! >u< If I had time I’d animate some more power-ups/monsters/platforms.

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